We, Geoff and Dore Baker understand that selling your home is a significant decision.

We are here to support you every step of the way. With our proven marketing plan, we ensure that your listing receives the widest possible exposure. By leveraging the best marketing strategies and tools available, we will present your home to the greatest number of potential buyers, ultimately securing the best price in the shortest amount of time. Explore our resources and discover why Geoff and Dore Baker are the right choice for your home selling needs.


Geoff and Dore Baker's marketing plan for home sellers.

1. Setting The Stage

We show you how to stage your home sell in order to bring in top dollar.

Staging your home doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Often times, all you need is a little elbow grease, a discerning eye and the advice of a trained professional. The way you live in your home day to day is completely different from the way your home should be presented for sale.

We will guide you through the process and put more dollars in your pocket at closing.

Get MAXIMUM IMPACT for minimal outlay.

Let us create an action plan that is tailor-made to your budget, lifestyle and home.

To show your home to its best effect, we provide:

  • Advice on furniture placement
  • Color recommendations
  • Assistance with soft furnishings and décor
  • Contacts for staging furniture, if needed
  • Suggestions for landscaping updates
  • Direction on important maintenance items.

We show you how to stage your home sell in order to bring in top dollar.

2. Photography & Video

How to photograph your home to sell quickly and for top dollar.
Market your home properly with great photography


Great marketing starts with Professional Photography. We live in a digital world where first impressions are more important than ever. The proper visual presentation of your listing is a keystone to our success. We invest in professional, high-quality photography to ensure that your home is showcased to its best effect. The upgrades and details you’ve put so much thought into over the years will be framed beautifully for maximum appeal.


In today’s digital age, captivating video tours are essential for showcasing your home’s unique features and capturing the attention of potential buyers. We, Geoff and Dore Baker understand the power of video in real estate marketing and are committed to providing top-notch video tours for our property listings. With a focus on highlighting the property’s best aspects, our professional videos offer a dynamic and immersive experience for viewers. From aerial drone footage to interior walkthroughs, we ensure that your home is presented in the best possible light, allowing buyers to envision themselves living in the space. We create compelling video tours that set your listing apart and attract serious buyers.

In today’s busy world, buyers want to experience a property in less than 60 seconds.

If they like what they see, they’ll spend the time to check out all the photos and really dive into the write-up. A well done video is like an amazing appetizer that sparks the interest of a hungry diner.

3. Digital & Social Media Marketing

That’s why we invest in targeted boosting to the demographics that make the most sense for your home. Whether we’re aiming to attract first time buyers or baby boomers looking to downsize, we’ll make sure your listing posts are seen by the most likely buyer pool.

Dynamic Email Marketing Campaigns

As seasoned real estate professionals, we recognize the pivotal role of strategic marketing in effectively showcasing your home. Our approach ensures that your new listing receives prominent exposure to a wide audience, including over 1,000 of the region’s top real estate agents and our exclusive database of potential buyers. Through meticulously crafted email campaigns, we aim to ignite enthusiasm around your property and capture the interest of discerning buyers. Leveraging our vast network and tailored strategies, we are dedicated to enhancing the visibility of your listing and delivering exceptional outcomes.

With our comprehensive understanding of real estate email marketing, we prioritize engaging and informative content that resonates with our audience. Our dynamic email campaigns are designed to captivate recipients, highlighting the unique features and appeal of your property. By leveraging data-driven insights and employing a targeted approach, we aim to maximize engagement and drive interest from qualified buyers. Our commitment is to ensure that your listing stands out in the crowded market, attracting potential buyers and ultimately achieving a successful sale.

Email Marketing Campaigns

4. Print & Direct Mail Marketing

Your home will have full-color, brochure-style flyers and mailers created by our graphic designer.

As experienced real estate agents, we understand the power of quality brochures and mailers in effectively marketing your home. Our dedicated graphic designer creates full-color, brochure-style flyers that showcase your property’s best features and amenities. These professionally crafted materials are made available to prospective buyers who visit your property, providing them with a detailed overview of your home.

In addition to brochures, we utilize targeted direct mail marketing to reach hundreds of residents in your area. These mailers serve as a valuable tool to generate interest and attract potential buyers to your listing. It’s not uncommon for buyers to be referred to your home by neighbors who have received our eye-catching mailers, further expanding the reach of our marketing efforts.

5. Creating An Open House Schedule

From the eye-catching flags at the curb, to the unique refreshments, our open house events are memorable.

No matter the theme, prospective buyers will be treated to a warm and welcoming feeling – their first happy memory in what might become their future home. We personally invite neighbors to an exclusive viewing for the first hour, then open your home to the public for an additional two to three hours. Open houses are often seen as being less formal than requesting a showing through an agent.

Some buyers prefer this as a more accessible, less pressured option.

Open house hosted by Westlake Village Realtor Dore Baker

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