Important Events

Your Date

Day 0

The contract is accepted by both parties/acceptance is confirmed.


Day 1

The first day AFTER acceptance. All contingencies based on “days after acceptance” or similar wording, start on this date.


Day 3

The last working day for the buyers to deliver their deposit to escrow, which will be held in a non-interest bearing account.


Day 7

The last day for us to deliver your disclosures to the buyers.


Day 17

Typically, the last day for your buyers to remove many of their contingencies in writing. This includes Discovery (Inspections), Disclosures & Reports, HOA CC&R’s (if applicable) and Appraisal. This time frame may have been negotiated to a different number of days in the contract.


Day 17

This is the last day for your buyers to remove their Loan contingency in writing.


COE minus 5-10 Days

You will need to sign your Grant Deed. This needs to be notarized and can be done at the Escrow Office.


COE minus 5 Days

The first day the buyers can perform their final walk-through of the property to ensure it is in an acceptable condition. Don’t forget to schedule your utilities to turn off at closing.


COE minus 1 Working Day

Loan funding day. The buyers’ lender provides funds to escrow so that your sale can occur. If funds don’t arrive, escrow closing will be delayed.


COE (Close of Escrow)

The deed is recorded at the County Recorder’s Office. You have sold your home. The time and date when you must physically vacate your home is specified in the contract.


Escrow time periods are typically 30-45 days, beginning on day 1. All numbers of days above are calendar days, except for the three days allowed for the buyers’ deposit to be brought into escrow. That timeframe is calculated in business days.

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